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Richmond Area Property Management for Commercial Buildings

Ensuring your commercial roofing system remains in good condition begins with a plan. The expert roofing contractors for Richmond VA at DeShazo Roofing can help you customize a plan each year that fits your property’s needs and budget. Regular maintenance extends the life of a roof and protects your investment.

In addition to roofing services, DeShazo Roofing offers a full range of property management and maintenance services for your commercial property. These services range from the routine, such as lawn maintenance and gutter cleaning; to specialized repair and renovation services.

A healthy and attractive property and a commercial roof that’s well maintained are good for business, of course. They are part of your company’s reputation. A well-maintained property can inspire confidence and help others make a buying decision more readily so tending to the property’s appearance throughout the year becomes essential.

DeShazo Roofing brings a comprehensive approach to the work in addition to our reputation as expert roofing contractors for Midlothian VA, Henrico, and Hanover. We can discuss key dates for spring and fall clean-up, proper fertilization of lawns, and assess needs for roof cleaning in any season. We can also restore the appearance of a previously-neglected property.

We’ll work with you to create a maintenance plan that suits your property’s specific needs and adjusts for the seasons. DeShazo Roofing provides property management homeowners and business owners can rely on to maintain their beauty and value of their property.

Our menu of services includes:

  • Spring and Fall cleanup
  • Snow removal
  • Minor repairs (exterior)
  • Roof cleaning & maintenance

As long-time property owners know, freezing conditions during the winter here can lead to damaged gutters. Repairing your commercial property’s gutter systems quickly at the end of winter, or sooner, prevents water from potentially flowing back to your roof or causing damage to the building’s structure. As part of our property management and maintenance services, we will make sure this critical area of your roof is in good working condition and can make repairs when it’s not.

Removal of snow in a timely manner is important when heavy snow falls in and around Richmond. Our snow removal services allow your property to remain clean, safe and accessible for you and anyone visiting the property. It also ensures maximum amount of parking, regardless of how many inches fell during the day or overnight.

Trust the expert roofing contractors at DeShazo Roofing for all your property management needs.

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