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Types of Commercial Roofing Installed by DeShazo

Chesterfield roofing experts

Providing high quality roofing for the area’s commercial and industrial buildings is a core part of our services at DeShazo Roofing. From Built-Up Roofing to Modified Bitumen Roofing to Single-Ply Roofing and more, our expertise in repair and installation makes us a first stop for any company needing expert attention on Richmond and Hanover roofing systems.

Options for our commercial and industrial roofing systems include:

Single-Ply Roofing: Choose the membrane option best suited to your property, including cost-effective solutions, optimum resistance to punctures and hail, high heat and solar applications, and improved fire resistance.

Modified Bitumen Roofing: Choose from several tough yet smooth-surfaced membranes with fire-retarding options, with color options to suit your needs.

Built-Up Roofing: Choose from multiple base sheet, ply sheet, and cap sheet options for a high quality, durable roofing system designed for long-lasting, watertight protection.

Our crews handle the design, construction, and installation of roofing systems on a wide variety of building types, including retail stores, schools, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and much more. Whatever type of commercial or industrial property you manage or own, DeShazo Roofing is equipped to provide roof repair and installation for you.

In addition to our strong reputation in the field, we have earned the designation of a GAF Master Elite Roofer. Our extensive list of certifications includes numerous other manufacturers. Our commitment to gaining these certifications is important as it protects the warranties offered by the manufacturer. You can see a complete list of our certifications by clicking here.

DeShazo Roofing is fully licensed and fully insured to better protect our greater Richmond and Ashland roofing customers and commercial customers throughout the area. This is an important distinction among roofing companies. It allows our customers to pay only for what’s expected during the repair or installation process and avoid any surprise costs.

As a long-term investment in your property, a Chesterfield or Ashland roofing system must be maintained to ensure the roofing materials and system reaches its expected life span. We recommend a roof maintenance plan for every commercial and industrial roofing customer, and can customize one to fit your particular needs and budget.

Our services for commercial and industrial roofing customers extend beyond repair and installation of your building’s most important layer of protection. DeShazo Roofing provides property management services year round to ensure your property is cared for and maintained through the changing seasons. These services include spring and fall cleanup, snow removal, minor repairs, and roof cleaning and maintenance.

Ensure your commercial gutter system is functioning properly with help from DeShazo Roofing. We inspect and clean gutters for our Hanover roofing customers, make repairs, and install new gutter systems as well. Also, we can help you eliminate the need for cleaning by installing a quality gutter protection system that keeps leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters.

For more info on our service areas, Hanover, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Richmond, VA and other service areas, click here.