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Roofs in good condition, aging roofing systems, and new installations all have something in common. Each will need roof repair at some point sooner or later. When you’re faced with a need for roof repair in Richmond, VA, rely on the licensed, insured and manufacturer-certified experts at DeShazo Roofing.

Even a healthy roof can quickly become a problem if severe weather strikes and leaves damage behind. Often it’s visible damage in the form of missing shingles. But as the premier roofing company for Chesterfield and surrounding areas, DeShazo Roofing has responded to repair needs for damage that isn’t apparent on the surface. It may be damage to the roofing membrane or damage to flashing around vents or the chimney. Quick, expert repair becomes essential for eliminating a greater risk for leaks later.

Beyond weather, other factors affecting a newer roof’s need for repairs can include the quality of the materials used and the level of expertise of the installation crew. At DeShazo Roofing, our crews are certified by top manufacturers. Also, we use only high quality materials for repair and replacement work.

Unnecessary foot traffic can contribute to a need for a repair call to a roofing company in Chesterfield. DeShazo Roofing encourages homeowners to rely on professional roofers to clean and maintain a roof to avoid accidentally damaging roofing materials and risking injury. It’s helpful to remind all untrained residents of the home and visitors to remain off the roof throughout the year.

Another recommendation by DeShazo Roofing is to be aware of trees and other items around your property that could lead to a need for roof repair in the months ahead. Making necessary adjustments, such as having an expert trim the tall trees, could spare you unexpected damage caused by a fallen tree limb. We also recommend installing a gutter protection system to eliminate the chance tree debris clogging the gutter clog and causing roof damage by sending rainwater or melted snow in the wrong direction.

As your preferred roofing company in Chesterfield, we handle planned and unplanned needs for roof repair. You can contact us any time day or night to respond to any roofing emergency. We’ll send a crew to make the initial repair and protect your home from additional damage, even in the rain, and we can discuss a long-term plan should more extensive repairs be necessary.

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